One of the easiest ways to cook a steak is pan-grill. It is hassle-free without sacrificing too much of the quality.

Food Preparation
It is important to have the right food preparation before cooking the steak. First, take the steak out of the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature. Then, get rid of the excess moisture on the steak by patting it dry with kitchen towel.

Next, brush a thin film of butter on both sides of the steak, and seasoned it with Stirling Seasoning (the in-house seasoning from Stirling Steaks). Alternatively, one can apply salt and pepper on the steak.

After the food preparation, heat up the pan until it is very hot. Once the pan is hot, adjust the heat to normal. Next, add oil to the pan and ensure that a thin layer of oil cover the whole pan. Once the pan is ready, set the steak into the pan gently using a pair of tongs. This will result in some sizzling.

Sear the steaks well by gently flipping it for each side. It is best to not flip the steak excessively and thereby leaving the juice locked inside the steak.

The amount of time for searing each side of the steak depends on the level of doneness you want. It is more art than science. But do not fret. We provide a guide at the end to help you.

After searing the steaks, gently lift the steak out of the pan and leave it to rest on a plate for about 1 minute. The thicker the steak cut, the longer it should be left to rest. By allowing the meat to rest, it makes the steak juicier as the juices are redistributed to the rest of the meat.

One last step is you can do a quick searing (5 to 10 seconds) on each side, after resting the steak. This will leave a nice caramalized crust on your steak.

Guide on getting the right doneness for your steak