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Chilling and freezing of meat

There are two ways to preserve meat – chilling and freezing. Chilling involves keeping the meat at temperature between 0 to 5oC. On the other hand, freezing is done at temperature below the freezing point, at -18oC. This is a stronger form of preservation where water in the meat are frozen to ice crystals. Chilling [...]

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Why we love Australia beef?

Australian beef is well-loved globally for its high quality and superior marbling features. It is also very popular - Australia is the second-largest beef exporter internationally and exports around $6.5 billion of beef to more than 100 countries. Australia accounts for 13.3% of global beef export market share. Australia’s love affair with beef began in [...]

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Difference between Angus and Wagyu beef

Both the Angus and Wagyu beef have excellent marbling and are of superior quality. In terms of marbling, Wagyu beef is ahead, making it more flavourful than Angus beef. The Wagyu beef is also more tender, and softer to the touch. Both the Wagyu and Angus beef possessed a nutty aroma, different from other beef. [...]

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As dry-aging is slow, it requires patience. The dry-aging period typically takes between 7 and 120 days, depending on personal preference. As the meat age longer, a unique “musty” flavor is developed, making it more intense on the palate. Marie-Antoine Careme, known as the King of Chefs, is widely accredited for pioneering the dry-aging method [...]

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In wet-aging, the beef is vacuum packed and sealed. After the meat is vacuum-sealed, it is ready for aging in a specialised fridge. The typical period for wet-aging is between 7 to 14 days. There is no weight loss in wet-aging due to dehydration. The moisture is trapped within the packet and contributes to the [...]

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Australia Wagyu Grading

There are two official beef grading systems in Australia - Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and AUS-MEAT systems. Both methods have a similar grading methodology where key attributes such as marbling, carcase weight, P8 fat depth, dentition, ossification, pH, meat colour, fat colour and eye muscle are used to determine the score. Likewise, both methods use [...]

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