During the Circuit Breaker, we launch an Angus Tomahawk promotion at $85+. This is a popular steak cut in our restaurant, suitable for sharing among 3 to 4 people.

Tomahawk is the most “Garang (manly) steak” among all steak cuts. It consists of a long “Tomahawk” shape bone with well-marbled ribeye. Plenty of flavors are released from the huge bone and inter-muscular fat in the ribeye meat when grilled. This results in a tender aromatic steak cut, leaving the diners salivating for more.

The “Josdale” Black Angus Tomahawk originates from Scotland via Aberdeen Angus breed. It has great tenderness and flavour. It is well known for its high quality and has enjoyed a huge following among our customers.

The Black Angus Tomahawk promotion comes with sides including Paprika Fries, Garden Salad, Corn and Grilled Vegs. If you stay in the East (Postal Code: 38 to 48), we provide free delivery.

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