We source our steak cuts from the best farms in Australia. They are mainly from Homestead, Josale and Carrara farms.

Our meat supplies are carefully curated to ensure top quality steaks for our valued customers.

1. Free-range
As humans, we prize freedom. Likewise, we believe it is also more ethically and morally right for cows to enjoy the same freedom to graze the land. Cows will be able to roam freely, allowing muscles to develop fully, resulting in better marbled, tender meats. Cows are also likely to be healthier and less susceptible to diseases.

2. No antibiotics
While antibiotics are sometimes necessary to help treat cattle, it can be oftentimes be abused with unintended adverse effects. For example, injecting antibiotics means animals has to be restrained long enough so that the antibiotics can be safely administered. This may lead to undue stress in the cows, leading to more acidic content in the meat and higher haemoglobin levels (red blood cells).

3. No hormones
We are a firm believer in rearing quality organic cows, and accordingly turn down any cattle which are fed with hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, to make cows grow faster. We fear the residual effects of these hormones when these meats are consumed by humans, especially in children.

4. Pasture-fed
Cows which feed on grass usually have a stronger gamier taste and. Nothing beats having a cow growing up on a steady diet or natural, energy-rich grass.