Hanger Steak is a small, intensely flavoured cut that “hangs” from the diaphragm. It is a popular steak cut in France. Traditionally, butchers have kept this well-known cut for themselves. Hence it was called the Butcher’s Steak.

As Hanger Steak is very tender, it is comparable to Tenderloin, but at a much cheaper price.

In recent years, Hanger Steak has become popular with steak aficionados because of its rich flavour. Stirling Steaks is one of the first to introduce this steak cut in Singapore in 2018, and it has gained much popularity ever since.

Other names: Hanging Tender, Butcher’s Steak, Butcher’s Tenderloin, Onglet (French), pillar

Part of Animal: Hanger Steak is an interior cut attached to and supporting the diaphragm. It hangs off the kidney below the tenderloin and is attached to the last rib

Amount to Buy: There is limited quantity as this steak is normally already trimmed by the butcher. Allow 170-255g per person.