Key features of “HOMESTEAD” Beef:

– Grass-Fed
– Free Range
– Free of Hormonal growth promotants
– Available from Grade A, S, PR, YG

The “Homestead” beef is under the Midfield Group in Australia. Founded by Colin McKenna, the Midfield Group has a rich heritage that dates to just after World War 1.

The farms are located in Warrnambool, which lies at the heart of Victoria’s Great South Coast region. The area is recognised as one of the prime dairying regions in Australia, with rich soil producing lush pastures. The cows are grass-fed on these excellent pastures, resulting in some of the best beef the world has ever seen.

The processing facilities are located near to the rearing pastures. Cold boning is adopted where the carcass remain in chiller for 24 hours prior to boning. This ensures excellent tenderness and quality of the meat.

Stringent quality control is practised with the implementation of the Meat Safety Quality Assurance Program. Audits are regularly performed by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and Aus-Meat. Qualified microbiologists are also employed to continually check the products and this helps to ensure only the best quality meat products are produced.