Features of “JOSDALE” Black Angus Beef:

– Grass-Fed
– Free of Hormonal growth promotants
– Aged 18-36 months
– 100% Traceable
– Farm Assured
– Meat Colour 1B to 3, and Fat Colour 0 to 3 under Aus-Meat Grading

The “Josdale” Black Angus beef was founded by one of the pioneers of Australia beef industry – Joe Catalfamo. In 1968, Joe open his first retail store. Later, he established Josdale Butchers in 1984. Since then, more than 30 stores have been opened before a successful expansion into the export markets.

The cattle under “Josdale” Black Angus are reared at the lush green pastures of Gippsland in Victoria, a region internationally recognized for consistently produced high quality beef. The cows are grass-fed, free from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants.

The processing facility is at close proximity to where the cows are breed. This is in strict compliance to industry standards of Aus-Meat in Australia and USDA in the US.