Sirloin comes from the middle-rear section of the cow. Typically, there is a creamy layer of fats at the side of the steak. One could render these fats during grilling, which adds flavor to the meat.

Legend has it that King Henry VIII of England prized this cut so much that he dubbed it Sir Loin, Baron of Beef. Another interpretation is that sirloin comes from the French word “surlonge”, meaning “above the loin”.

Sirloin is commonly confused as Striploin, but they have a slight difference. Sirloin also comes from the loin area but it is found on the long loin between the porterhouse and the hip. It is closer to the rear leg. On the other hand, Striploin comes from the short loin connecting the sirloin to the prime rib. Both Striploin and Sirloin are equally tender, with the Sirloin steak leaner and less fatty.

 Other names: Top Sirloin, Top Loin

Part of Animal: It lies at the upper hip, above the tenderloin.

Amount to Buy: Allow at least 200g per steak portion.