Located at the loin section, T-Bone Steak includes both the backbone and finger bones. Part of the Tenderloin is attached to the T-Bone Steak, resulting in superb flavour and tenderness. As the T-Bone Steak is grilled, connective tissue and surface fat are broken down, giving extra aroma and juice to the meat.

T-Bone Steak is sometimes referred as Porterhouse Steak. Both have a “T-shaped” bone that separate the meat on each side. Porterhouse Steak typically include more tenderloin on side of the bone as it is cut from the rear end of the short loin. T-bone Steak is cut closer to the front of the loin, and contain less tenderloin.

Other names: Porterhouse, Date Steak

Part of Animal: T-Bone Steak cut is located at the loin section

Amount to buy: Allow at least 450g per person, as the bone will add some weight to the meat