Australian beef is well-loved globally for its high quality and superior marbling features. It is also very popular – Australia is the second-largest beef exporter internationally and exports around $6.5 billion of beef to more than 100 countries. Australia accounts for 13.3% of global beef export market share.

Australia’s love affair with beef began in 1788 when the first cattle were brought there. Sir Sidney Kidman was one of the early beneficiaries when he opened a butchery and subsequently acquired a large amount of pasture land for cattle farming.

The farmers love their cows in Australia. They have invested a significant amount in pasture and genetics in order to rear the best cows. Advanced techniques and a strong focus on sustainability are also used for rearing the cows. The end result is superior quality beef that has gained popularity especially in markets such as Korea and Japan.

Australia is well-recognized for its healthy cows -relatively disease-free. The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is implemented where every animal is tagged. This allows complete traceability as well as the health and feeding history of every animal. The Department of Agriculture also regulates the meat-packing plants with regular audits at the plants. This helps to ensure rigorous standards are maintained by the meat packers.

The Australia beef industry has adapted well to the international market with export-friendly features. Beef packaging and production are customized to fit the requirements of customers outside of Australia. There are more than 100 countries that import their beef from Australia.