There is a growing trend of home chefs using Sous Vide cooking techniques on their steaks. Sous Vide means “under vacuum” in French. It is a method of cooking where the vacuum-packed food is cooked in a hot water bath.

Sous Vide is a slow method of cooking that allows the steak to be cooked gently. It is loved by many as it allows your steak to be cooked consistently to the required “done-ness”. After the meat has been cooked Sous Vide, it is usually pan-seared so as to achieve a crispy crust on the outside.

The steak also turns out flavourful as the steak is cooked in its juices. There is minimum weight loss and moisture, resulting in little shrinkage of the steak. Excessive drying does not take place compared to traditional method of cooking.

Sous Vide cooking also allows chef to multi-task efficiently. Little attention is required as the steak is left in the hot water bath. During the waiting time, the chef can prepare other meals or even have a siesta.

Most steak cuts including the Ribeye or Sirloin are suitable for sous vide cooking. But, the best use of sous vide cooking is for thick steak cut. The main reason is that it is difficult to cook the center of a thick piece without overcooking the edges. Sous Vide overcome this problem as the hot water bath ensures that a consistent “done-ness” is applied throughout the meat.